What We Do


  • Connecting programs of compassionate ministry to each other
  • Organizing training events
  • Researching fund-raising possibilities
  • Establishing partnerships for greater response

Establishing Partnerships

NCA-NW has several strategic partners that share our core values, mission and vision and work alongside the alliance in our areas of principal focus.
The District Superintendent of WaPac District Church of the Nazarene and President of WaPac District NMI are founders of NCA-NW and are also actively participating ex officio members of the Board of Directors. WaPac District gave an initial donation to start-up the alliance.
Nazarene Compassionate Ministries USA/Canada provides informational tools and resources for the start up of new Nazarene Compassionate Ministry Centers (CMSs) so NCM has been extremely helpful to our alliance by
  • Advisement in the steps of the inception, organization and legalization
  • Approval of 10% giving status to donations given to NCA-NW
  • Listed as an approved Compassionate Ministry Center in USA/Canada Region
  • Scholarships for technical training for two leaders of NCA-NW
  • Invitation for our WaPac District Superintendent to participate in several national level meetings of NCM
  • The donation of funds in a capacity-building grant that strengthened our first year of operation
  • NCM Regional Consultant, Rev. Jay Height, visited at both November 2015 meetings: the “Urban Ministry Leaders’ Dinner” at Seattle First Church, on November 13th, and our “Connecting Point” conference at Kent Hillside on November 14.

Multicultural Ministries of USA/Canada and World Relief Seattle provide technical and organizational support and training especially pertinent to the NCA-NW in the establishment of Immigration Resource Centers on the WaPac District.