Strategic Partners

NCA-NW shares core values and similar mission statements with a few organizations that are our "Strategic Partners". NCA-NW encourages affliates to utilize and support the programs of these partners. Affiliates are also encouraged to connect broadly with other organizations in coalitions for community based projects and programs. NCA-NW calls these connections "Community Resources". These may be very diverse -- secular, governmental, for profit, non-profit, civic, faith-based, charities, etc. -- working alongside NCA affliates in programs and initiatives that improve response to human need in their communities

Multicultural Ministries of USA/Canada

Multicultural Ministries of USA/Canada provides technical and organizational support and training especially pertinent to NCA-NW in the establishment of Immigration Resource Centers on the WaPac District.

Nazarene Compassionate Ministries

Nazarene Compassionate Ministries seeks to live and act compassionately in the world following Christ’s own life and ministry. We seek to be incarnations of the same gospel that Christ lived and preached and to be witnesses to the same love and compassion God has for our world.

Northwest District Church of the Nazarene

Nazarene Compassionate Alliance Northwest is very excited to be partnering with Northwest District Church of the Nazarene. The Northwest District includes Nazarene churches across eastern Washington, northern Idaho and parts of north-central Oregon.

Washington Pacific Church of the Nazarene

The Church of the Nazarene is a Protestant Christian church in the Wesleyan-Holiness tradition, tracing its roots to an anniversary date of 1908. It was founded to spread the message of scriptural holiness (Christlike living) across the lands. Today the Church of the Nazarene is located in 159 world areas.

Washington Pacific Nazarene Missions International (NMI)

NMI Objectives:
  • To encourage people to pray for all efforts of world evangelization
  • To inform people of the world's needs and what the church is doing to meet those needs
  • To challenge children and youth to learn about and participate in the mission of the church
  • To raise funds for missions outreach

World Relief Seattle

WaPac leadership encourages local Nazarene congregations to utilize the strong organizational connection between World Relief and the Church of the Nazarene as they plan ministry initiatives. 

World Relief Seattle has worked since 1979 to empower the local church to serve refugees and immigrants in the Greater Seattle Area. Originally founded to care for those fleeing war in Southeast Asia, we have since grown to resettle refugees from almost 50 countries. We are encouraged by the many churches, businesses, and individuals who use their resources and ingenuity to enhance the lives of refugees and immigrants throughout Western Washington.