About Us

Thanks for taking a minute to get to know us! Our website is currently a "work in progress" that will continue to grow as we receive news and pictures from affiliates- churches, individuals and groups- who send in updates and photos.  If you or your church already have some kind of ministry of compassion and have not yet registered, we urge you to become an NCA-NW affiliate: CLICK HERE

“Being compassionate” is many things --  messy, time-consuming, overwhelming – but, at best, it is compelling, selfless and life-giving. It is redeeming, reforming and renewing. It is Christians at their very best: Christ-centered and Christlike.
Jesus, the Nazarene, touched homeless lepers, visited the sick and dying, cried with the grieving, ate with sinners. His involvement with all classes of people raised eyebrows among some but His compassion forgave and transformed people.
Founders of the Church of the Nazarene chose our name because “the Nazarene” emphasized Jesus’ humility and humanity. Founders of Nazarene Compassionate Alliance Northwest put “Nazarene” first for the same reason, the name leads us first to Jesus, the Nazarene, the servant King.
Our starting point is Jesus -- His life, His love, His spirit. Jesus’ Presence compels us, unites us and gives us grace to share. 

Since March 2014 several leaders have been hammering out directions and distinctions that would define the Washington Pacific version of Nazarene Compassionate Ministries. Now organized and called Nazarene Compassionate Alliance Northwest, the initial plan is to join existing programs to form a network that enlarges and improves our Christian response to human need. NCA-NW gave four workshops at Assembly and resources from them will be posted soon on the website.
We invite you to explore our website and contact us if you have any questions.