Vancouver Safe Harbor

David Edwards, Pastor
work: (360) 693-5829

“A ship in the harbor is safe; but that’s not what ships are for.” – William G. T. Shedd

It is however, what harbors are for. In the harbor, a ship can find shelter from storms and heavy seas. The harbor is the place for repairs when the ship is damaged by the storms – a place where sails can be mended, engines repaired, nets patched, barnacles scraped, hulls painted, and sailors rested and healed. The harbor is the place where the ship can take on fresh supplies: food and water for the crew, fuel, oil, and tools for the journey. The harbor is the place where the ship can be upgraded with better equipment.

Too many times, our experience with church has not been safe. We have been criticized, hurt, ignored, left out. And when we come damaged and bleeding, we have often been blamed for being injured. We have come in needing encouragement and hope, and walk away more discouraged and hopeless. We have come in waiting to belong, and left finding that the cliques were closed to us.

Safe Harbor Church of the Nazarene strives to be different. As a ship in harbor is safe, so a person in church should be safe.

  • We believe that you should be able to find rest and repair, and that the church should be a place of healing from the storms of life.
  • We believe that you should be able to find a fresh supply of hope and encouragement.
  • We believe that sometimes we need our “barnacles” scraped – a bit of correction – so that our journey will be smoother.
  • We believe that sometimes we will wander into an unknown sea, and need maps to help us find our way.
  • We believe that “sailors” need to be trained for the journey and taught how to read the Map.
  • We believe that you come into our harbor wanting to be “upgraded”.

A person in the church ought to be safe – safe to hurt; safe to heal; safe to doubt; safe to believe. A person in the church needs to be safe – safe to weep; safe to rejoice; safe to rest; safe to work. And when we are safe to learn and grow to become what God wants us to be, we are ready to “set sail” once again and take on the challenges of life – including letting other sailors know where they can find Safe Harbor.

Whether you are just beginning your journey, or are an experienced “sailor”, we invite you to find Safe Harbor with us.

On Tuesdays and Fridays the church opens its doors creating a safe space for AA meetings.

On Sunday's there is a safe space for an ARMS (Abuse Recovery Ministry & Services) meeting.