Starting Grounds: To Know God and to Make Him known to Others

   Starting Ground Church (SGC) reaches out to their community with Christ’s love through an intricate intertwining of ministries, woven with threads of compassion.  In a variety of partnerships, Starting Ground Church ministers alongside other churches, community ministries, and businesses in the area, including the City of Battle Ground.
   In partnership with Open House Ministries, a homeless shelter located in Vancouver, WA, both pastoral and congregational volunteering is provided in numerous ways.  The Open House Ministries chaplain is a member of SGC, with the lead pastor and many members of the congregation sharing their time and talents, ministering to the ‘whole’ person/family.  (


Partnership with Maple Grove Elementary and other schools

We have forged a partnership with Maple Grove Elementary to work together to help provide resources for after-school programs and meet the needs of the classrooms.  We have a wonderful relationship with the leadership at Maple Grove and our two organizations are mutually committed to improving the lives of the children of Battle Ground. Through the grace of God, we were able to assist Maple Grove with:

  • Re-sanding their volleyball courts
  • Preparing their community garden for their after-school program
  • Providing funds to help sustain after-school activities
  • Hosting a pencil drive to help off-set the cost of providing 1,000 pencils for standardized testing
  • School supply drive to help children without the means to purchase school supplies
  • Hosting Maple Grove’s back-to-school open house night by providing free refreshments to families
  • Funded Maple Grove’s watch dog program
  • Hosting teacher appreciation days with free coffee for teachers
Connect Battle Ground is a coalition of over 135 organizations.  It was founded in response to teenage isolation and adolescent crises, such as suicide, and drug and alcohol abuse.  SGC is part of their Faith Sector, to help restore belonging and hope through Christ – to end teenage isolation.
   Connect Battle Ground provides ways for others to minister to children, up to age 17.  Churches in the area are encouraged to adopt one or more elementary schools.    SGC presently is reaching out to three elementary schools.  Volunteers assist with raising funds, and provide back-packs filled with school supplies.  As needed, clothing and food are made available.  Every Friday during the school year, a team of volunteers pack two breakfast and two lunch meals for each student to take home with them.


Partnership with North County Community Food Bank

   Starting Grounds Church hosts a periodic food drives to support the local food bank. Through the generosity of our people, we have been able to help supply this organization with basic food necessities like beans, pasta, tuna and other food staples.  Monthly cash donations are also sent to the Food Bank.  Volunteers from the church work side by side with others in the community, building relationships and bringing encouragement to volunteers and clients alike. 
   At Christmastime, we hosted a dinner for several families who are on assistance through the NCCFB.  It was our pleasure to serve them for the evening and provide a meal to friends in need.  

Partnership with Open House Ministries

Pastor Mark Roskam from Starting Grounds Church also serves as the full-time chaplain at Open House Ministries and shelter in Vancouver, WA.  Starting Grounds is heavily involved  at Open House and many of their ministries are directed by our church members.  As a church we are committed to being visible evidence of a loving God to the needy in our local community and around the world.

Open House Ministries is a faith-based community organization helping homeless families by providing shelter and intervention through Christ-centered, life changing programs. Open House Ministries is committed to equipping homeless families with the tools necessary for resolving issues that lead to pverty and homelessness. They are dedicated to helping homeless families restore healthy relationships with each other, with their community and with Christ. 

Second Hand Solutions is not your typical thrift store. We believe by providing a positive learning environment where Open House residents can gain on-the-job training, work experience and self-confidence, we can help end the cycle of homelessness. Our store is staffed with Open House residents and volunteers. If you would like to volunteer and work alongside our residents, please call Open House Ministries at 360.737.0300 and talk to our Volunteer Coordinator. 

When you dontate or shop with us, you are helping homeless families in our community. All donations received help support our residents by either going directly to a family. 100% of proceeds sold at our thrift store benefits homeless families. Every $19 sold at our store helps pay for someone to stay one night at our shelter. 

Christmas Toy Drive

   At Christmastime, Connect Battle Ground coordinates a city wide ‘Toy Drive’.  Volunteers purchase and deliver toys to designated children, and gift cards are given to teens.  This is a concrete way of letting these children and teens know -- Jesus loves them!  Other special holidays are also celebrated.  Volunteers prepare and serve meals to families on assistance at Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  SGC volunteers are ready participants in these ministries as well.

Keeping Dry in the Wet

‘Keeping Dry in the Wet’ is a ministry to the homeless in their city.  Draw-string back-packs are packed with items to provide protection from the rain, warm one’s hands and feet, along with some health care items. The picture below is an example of one our their draw-string back-packs. 

Inside each draw string back pack there are the following items:  box of band aids, rain poncho (NOT the cheap 99 Cent variety), socks, gloves, gallon zip lock baggie, leaf size trash bag, kleenex, cough drops or hard candy, chap stick, small bottle lotion, hand warmers and foot warmers. 

They are also collecting tarps and clothing, but those items will be handed out as needed

Sharing the Love of Jesus - Compassion in Action - Compassion as a Lifestyle

   The City of Battle Ground’s summertime festival, ‘Harvest Days,’ provides another opportunity for SGC to build relationships with their community.  The church offers free parking, bottled water, and use of restrooms to parade goers.  Leading up to the parade, there is a city-wide promotion requesting donations of back-packs and school supplies for the kids.  Participating in the parade, a designated float begins the route empty, gathering back-packs as they go along the entire route!
   Respite care is offered by SGC once a month, to families of special needs children. In addition, SGC participates in an International outreach, providing baby carriers and supplies for refugee families, through ‘Carry the Future’ 


Buddy Break

We are excited that Starting Grounds is going to be the first church on WaPac to implement the Buddy Break program! A member at their church was trained at the most recent Northwest Ministries Conference and is passionate about getting it going in her local church! Stay tuned as its not up yet but will be soon!!