Peninsula Nazarene

Fred & Karen Humber, Pastor
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Shepherd's Pantry

Peninsula church of the Nazarene has been involved in ministries such as Shepherd’s Pantry , Families Helping Families and His Supper Table.  Shepherd’s Pantry ministry is a simple closet stocked with non-perishable food along with needed toiletries and a freezer/refrigerator with perishable items, anyone who comes and needs a bag or two of food is welcome.  The items are received through the generous donations of the church attendees.  Last year, the Shepherd's Pantry provides at least twenty Thanksgiving Food boxes for families in the community. Families Helping Families , an organization started by a sister church, gives opportunity for individuals and families to pick up needed clothing, household goods, and other items as available ALL for free.  Donations come from a variety of sources including the people of PCN. Having been in operation for over ten years, His Supper Table is now providing over 1,000 meals per month, twice weekly at Peninsula Church of the Nazarene.  PCN partners with HST and provides uses of the kitchen, the dining space, and several key volunteers that help the program succeed.

Overnight Winter Lodging in partnership with Peninsula Poverty Response Network

In connection with Peninsula Poverty Response Network, the Peninsula Church of the Nazarene has opened its building to be used on Mondays and Tuesday for its OWL (Overnight Winter Lodging) program. From November to Mid-March, along with four other local churches the Peninsula Church allows those who are homeless and warm and safe place to shelter in the winter months!!