Alive Church of the Nazarene

Compassion in a Military Community

The Alive Church is situated in a military community that sees families come and go. 

Every Wednesday the church serves about 100-150 meals to their community in their gym. The guests are people from all walks of life, some are homeless, most from low income families who are looking for community and a warm meal. Also, they host Celebrate Recovery and AA while the church gathers for regular programs so that the church community is making connections with guests in the neighborhood. Also, a wonderful prayer team meets regularly to listen, pray and meet some of the practical needs of the those seeking help.

Recently, they did a blanket and coat drive to help in with the cold winter weather. 

The Alive Church also partners with their local food bank and raised 3662 lbs of food last year!!!

In partnership with a local men's shelter, about 35 of their members serves food about twice a quarter.

Last year the Alive Church hosted the Guatemalan consulate two times! Each time approximately 900 people had the opportunity to have important legal documents processed. 

The Alive Church hosts an annual Easterpalooza and Pumpkin Patch to bless their neighbors.

The Alive Church's Men's ministry and Youth Group have collaborated to put together "Blessing Bags." These "Blessing Bags" include emergency food supplies to keep in cars to hand out as members see a need. This is a great practical way to meet immediate needs.