Mount Vernon Church of the Nazarene

   The Mount Vernon church is reaching out to their community in a variety of ways.  On a schedule of rotating leadership, a weekly Service/Bible Study is shared with residents at a local assisted living facility.  The volunteers provide music and lead singing of Hymns, along with fellowshipping with residents.  Any resident unable to attend the weekly gathering is visited in their room by one of the volunteers.  Staff members at the facility consider Pastor Lyle Pointer ‘their’ Chaplain, and he is called at times for visitation and prayer.
   Helping with food distribution at their local Food Bank began as a monthly ‘men’s ministry’ project.  It has evolved to now include other volunteers as well, utilizing those individuals who have an open-schedule.  This ministry provides opportunity for members of the congregation to work together as a team, and to meet and serve their community neighbors.
   A special bridge to the community was built by the ‘adoption’ of a local elementary school.  Mount Vernon has chosen to ‘Honor’ staff, faculty members, and students in a variety of ways.  As school commences, goodies are provided for everyone.  On ‘Special Days’, such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and at end of the school year, the school is showered with an outpouring of love.  Mount Vernon also supplies clothing and backpacks for the school to distribute to those children who ‘fall in the cracks.’  When a need for counseling or mentoring arises, the school counselor and/or principal may ask the church to connect with a specific family. 
   Mount Vernon is a church family with a compassionate heart, reaching out to all age-groups.