Forks Church of the Nazarene

The Forks Church, armed with volunteers from their congregation, partnering with other churches in their community, with the City of Forks, and with the Salmon Coalition, serves 4000 meals a year.
It was 9 ½ years ago when Forks Church saw a need within their community, and their free lunch ministry began.  At that time, food was prepared and served in the church building.  A little over two years after inception, the City of Forks gave permission for them to use the Community Center, without cost to the church. 
   On the first Tuesday of each month, Spaghetti is on the menu.  Ministering together, the Assembly of God church pays for the supplies, and Forks volunteers do the shopping, cooking and serving of the meal. 
On the second Tuesday of each month, Salmon and/or Steelhead is on the menu.  The local Salmon Coalition has been approved to make a donation to the Forks’ feeding program. 
   The other Tuesday’s depend on what God provides…and He always does!
   At Thanksgiving and Christmas, churches in the area all partner together in planning and preparing a larger meal…open to ‘whoever comes.’ 
   What happens to the ‘leftovers?’  They are delivered to the local Veteran’s Shelter!
   Forks church not only reaches out to meet a need within the community, they bring others along on their journey.
   Pastor Tom states, ‘Feeding 5000 is not a line item on any budget, but God has faithfully provided for 9 ½ years’