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Caring Hands

Living Hope Church of the Nazarene, located in Normandy Park, Washington, has been involved in compassionate ministries for several years through many different projects such as Caring Hands. Every Monday morning, Caring Hands group (our angels, as we like to call them) gathers together to make quilted blankets for the Seattle Union Gospel Mission or the Tacoma Rescue Mission, who then distributes them to homeless people who won't come to the shelter, and are sleeping in parks, under bridges, etc. Caring Hands has been making these bed rolls for over 10 years. The blankets are colorful and bright to cheer and thick and warm to ward off the cold NW weather. Our Caring Hands ladies also pray over every blanket and the potential recipient- trusting in the Lord's compassion for those with great need. These women match up gifts/talents and creativity with loving care and compassion in order to express God's mercy and grace for the poor.

If you have questions about the construction of these bedrolls or anything pertaining to them, please call Carol Towle
at (206)878-1039.


How To Make a Bedroll

MATERIALS AND EQUIPMENT: For each bed roll, you will need:

  1. A sewing machine
  2. A serger if possible; if not, a wide zigzag stitch on your machine)
  3. Cotton fabric
  4. Thread
  5. Queen size flat sheets
  6. Blankets approximately 70" x 90"
  7. Neckties and safety pins
  • Cut 69 10" squares out of the fabric
  • Sew together seven squares for each row.
  • Then sew them together to make nine rows of seven.
  • The bedroll or quilt top will be 70" x 90".  
  • Place a queen size or larger flat sheet right side down on a large flat surface.
  • Trim off the borders.
  • Place a similar size blanket on top of the sheet. 
  • Place the QUILTED TOP on top of the blanket to make a quilt" sandwich"
  • Place a large safety pin through all three layers in the center of each square. 
  • With good scissors trim off the excess edges.
  • Use a longer stitch to straight stitch through all three layers of the “sandwich”,
  horizontal and vertical lines. 
  • Remove the safety pins. 
  • Now you are ready to serge around the raw edges, if no serger is available, you
   can use a wide zigzag stitch to finish the edge.
  • Fold the quilt in half length-wise and then again, with QUILTED TOP outside. 
  • At the top of the outer side sew two neckties about 5 to 6 inches apart, doubled in half with an X so that they are strong. 
  • Roll up the bedroll like a sleeping bag using the ties to wrap around the roll and secure it.

AN EXTRA DETAIL: If these are going to be used on the ground it is a bonus to add a
10’ x 10’ tarp to the bundle to help the homeless person stay dry and warmer. 

Transform Burien and Other Partnerships

Living Hope is also part of Transform Burien, a local organization made up of different congregations from different Christian denominations in order to serve the community by providing food, clothes, and most importantly prayer. Along with the formerly mentioned organization Living Hope is connected to Praisealujah, Audio Books, and American Preparedness all in hope of showing compassion.