Kent Hillside Church, an International Church of the Nazarene

Donna Smith, Point person
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Hillside Church (Kent), an International Church of the Nazarene

    Hillside Church, located in Kent, has been reaching out to their community with ‘Fresh Ground’ Compassionate Ministries for several years.  Fresh Ground Coffee-House serves as a meeting place for members of the community to meet with one another, and with members of the local congregation, for coffee and conversation, Internet availability and sharing hobbies.  Fresh Ground Food Pantry and Fresh Ground Clothing exchange reach not only into the community, but are also available to members of the local congregation. 

The Hillside Food and Clothing Bank is generally open on Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. to noon. Clothing is provided free of charge for school-age children and teens. Donations of non-expired, non-perishable food items, and toiletries are appreciated.  Donations may be dropped off Tuesdays or Thursdays (10-2) at the Coffee House or Saturdays (9-12), at the Food Pantry, or Sundays, upstairs in the Nursery area.


   Participation in preparing and shipping Crisis Care Kits (CCKs) has been an annual ministry for several years.  When the CCK ministry began, kits were shipped to a warehouse where they were readily available when disaster struck in foreign lands.  In recent years, the kits have found their way to disaster areas within our own borders, and more recent, into our neighborhoods.  When the Oso landslide emergency happened, WaPac District recognized a need for emergency preparedness in our own communities.  As a result, Hillside Church, along with Mt. Vernon, Centralia and Ridgefield now store boxes of CCKs (6-kits per box) on-site.  These are available to WaPac district churches to help in times of emergency in their local communities. 
   Beginning early in November, on through mid- December, congregants sign up to bring food for Thanksgiving boxes, or take a name from the Angel Tree, providing a child with a Christmas gift,  as they minister to individual students, and their families, at a local elementary school.  These two events are coordinated by a member of Hillside Church, who also works at the school, and is assisted by many volunteers.  
   Over the past few years, Hillside Church has partnered with World Relief-Seattle (WR), a refugee resettlement facility located in Kent.  Rooms in the church have been made available for WR meetings, ESL and cooking classes.
   A recent collaboration with World Relief is a sewing class for Afghani women.  Hillside has provided funding for this project, along with materials, labor and equipment in setting up the classroom.   The class instructor is member of their congregation who was able to provide the needed sewing machines.  There are also several volunteer sewing-assistants on hand, as well as volunteers providing child-care during this eight-week course.  World Relief selected the students, and will also be providing funding for this ministry.

   Something new…An on-site Community Garden!  Hillside is currently working with local authorities, moving this ministry from an idea, to preparation of the site, to having family’s plant and harvest vegetables for their table.  The Community Garden will be open to our International friends, as well as others.
   Hillside Church is made up of individuals representing many nations and language groups, working together to impact their community with love, through compassion.  They are an International Church, making Compassion a Lifestyle.


This portion of the Hillside parking lot will be transformed into a beautiful community garden.