Ballard Homestead

Creative and Compassionate Hospitality

Creative ministry in Urban Seattle is desperately needed. One of the ways that ministry leaders in Seattle's Ballard Neighborhood are reaching their neighbors is by opening up their space and sharing it. Space is a huge commodity. 

The Ballard Homestead is a nonprofit space for arts & community

All ages, all incomes

Built in 1923, this cozy venue looks like an old home but was built as a “Mission Hall”.  In 2012, church leaders and community members came together with a shared vision to open the space for community engagement.  Major renovations began promptly with design assistance from Nathan Marion of Lonely Buildings.  Local contractors, many volunteers from the community, Abbey Arts, Seattle Works, and church groups helped with the project.  In 2014 a partnership was created with Abbey Arts, a local nonprofit arts organization that presents and curates creative events at unusual spaces around Seattle.  

After a two-year renovation process it will now be host to community events,  concerts (bluegrass, acoustic, folk, children), poetry slams, family events, private events, and much more. The building maintains its old time house feel with a focus on sustainability and community interaction through arts, culture and education.

There is a Rainwise garden in the yard with large tanks to collect roof runoff and help keep Puget Sound clean. The Homestead renovation used many re-purposed materials, low VOC paints, efficient lighting, and more.

With a beautiful new low cost space opening in this growing neighborhood, the Seattle community can enjoy the arts in an intimate setting away from the bustle of downtown Ballard.

March 7, 2015 was the official grand re-opening with an early and evening show and party pulling in over 400 people including 100+ kids.  Stroller and bike parking were nearly full and a fun time was had by all in the side yard enjoying the March “Summer” weather.