Victims of Human Trafficking

In response to human trafficking (modern slavery), NCA-NW:

1. Resources ChATs (Churches Against Trafficking) for directed, regular prayer. You can download our prayer guide to share with your church. Prayer is the first step of action. Anti Human Trafficking Prayer Guide.
2. Gathers information across the Northwest
3. Keeps people informed through social media and through our website
4. Utilizes the materials
5. Partners with Mirror Ministries and Abolition Now
Open Door Foundation (Usa Deschisa) is an emergency shelter for survivors of human trafficking in Romania. We are excited to welcome the founder and director of Open Door, Monica Boseff, as a our missionary speaker at WaPac District Assembly on April 24th and 25th, 2017 and Northwest District Assembly 
                                                             It's Personal: Part 1                              It's Personal: Part 2
Exodus Cry is committed to prevention, intervention and restoration in relation to victims of human trafficking. Visit their website and blog for more info and videos: 
Anti Trafficking
Anti Trafficking
Anti Trafficking