Families with Special Needs of All Ages is the area of focus of NCA-NW designed to resource and encourage local churches to show the love of Christ through inclusive and realistic ministries to families and individuals of all ages with special needs or disabilities. Caring and Connecting is our motto.

The “nickname” of this area of focus is Cascade Embrace.  Affiliates who align with the goals of this area of focus are invited to use this name. 

Simple Actions recommended by Cascade Embrace
  • Pray for the families, caregivers and support systems of your community and the district.
  • Identify the caregivers in your immediate community.
    • Pray for them.
    • Think of simple ways to encourage them (cookies, 10-minute professional massage, was the car, mow the lawn, etc.)
  • Allow families and caregivers to talk about their experiences.  Allow visibility.
  • Talk with the elders, stewards, pastors, children's ministry, women's leaders, etc.  Help present the need.  Ask them to pray and be open to God's leading in both small and larger ways.
  • Start conversations with small groups. Talk about what it might be like to have a family member with special needs.  What could the group do if someone walked through the doors?  How would they know they were welcome?  What support is needed that you could really give?
  • Identify the types of special needs in the community.  Ask a speaker to come and share with the congregation and/or community about those needs.  Example: Dementia workshop for caregivers.
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Special Needs
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