Immigration ABC

Thousands of immigrants need answers to complex legal questions. For them to become citizens, they need high-quality, low-cost legal aid. Some centers for such legal aid already exist. Others need to be started - like the one in formation near SeaTac, WA.

In connection with World Relief/USA, Nazarene Compassionate Alliance Northwest has trained two leaders from western Washington to serve as legal agents with the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA). They will provide legal aid services such as offering legal advice, legal research and writing, and assisting with the completion and submission of paperwork and documentation for adjustment of status and other visas.
The new center will be called Immigration ABC formerly called Nazarene Immigration Legal Services. We will initially open our clinic up at Normandy Park Living Hope which is close to Seattle International Airport. Plans are already in place to establish this kind of center in other locations.  

In a recent conversation with Melissa Nitsch, the Community Relations Officer of the local ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) we discovered that their office was really pleased with how local churches are stepping up and providing this kind of help to immigrants. How cool is it that the government agencies are in favor of local churches, like ours, doing this kind of work! 
Applications to submit for approval to the Department of Justice are almost complete but funds are short for the start-up year. Strategic partners in this initiative are WaPac District leaders, Multicultural Ministries of the Church of the Nazarene and World Relief/Seattle. With your support, this center can be opened. Donate today!


Help Immigrants Know Their Rights

ICE Raids have been happening for a long time. How do community leaders, pastors and churches help our immigrant friends who are afraid in this time of heightened raids? We can inform them about their rights if they are stopped by law inforcement. The National Immigration Law Center has provided a printable "Know Your Rights" card that can be distributed to community members so that they know what they can and should do if they are stopped and questioned by law enforcement.

If you want to learn more about what is happening across the country and how to respond, The National Immigration Law Center has also provided a
webinar and power point slides to better inform community leaders.

If you are looking for the nearest current legal services to your community you may find this
directory helpful in identifying people who can answer questions and get immigrants help now.