How do donations come in for NCA-NW?
NCA-NW is a partner of the Washington Pacific District, the Northwest District and of Nazarene Compassionate Ministry/USA Canada. You can donate in the following ways:

1. By mail to 20107 1st Ave. S, Normandy Park, WA 98198. You can write your checks out to NCA-NW

2. Online through PayPal.

How are finances controlled by NCA-NW?
NCA-NW is a volunteer organization, including the Director of Operations. The Board of Directors elected a treasurer that accounts to the board for the start-up funds donated by WaPac District Advisory Board. This annual budget projection is minimal ($11,200) and is available on request. With more funds, there would be more program possibilities, hence, donations are welcome to expand the activities of NCA-NW.