Who can be affiliates of NCA-NW?
There are three kinds of affiliates. The largest number will be churches that already have existing programs of compassion and outreach or want to start one soon. Second will be compassionate non-profits like other Compassion Ministry Centers in the Northwest. Third are individuals with special skill sets to offer particularly in times of emergency. These people will register with Nazarene Disaster Response as volunteers to be listed in the data base and on-call in times of need.
What benefit is there to being an affiliate?
The greatest benefit is probably the satisfaction of making an organized team response toward a greater impact in the Northwest in the name of Jesus, the Nazarene. But also of benefit is the blessing of knowledge about compassionate activity that IS going on around us that gives us the ability to mobilize people of all ages in hands-on projects in neighboring churches.
What are Strategic Partners of NCA-NW?
Our Strategic Partners are parenting institutions that have already formalized partnering by means of documentation but also will be other non-profits with like values: for example World Relief, that will be formalized by MOU approved by the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors.
How do donations come in for NCA-NW?
NCA-NW is a partner of WaPac District and of Nazarene Compassionate Ministry/USA Canada. This means that there are several ways to donate to NCA-NW: 1. by check to 20107 1st Ave. S, Normandy Park, WA 98198 2. by check to the WaPac District office, specifying for NCA-NW. Churches will receive credit for 10% giving through NMI which is important to most churches. Soon a donation button will be working on this website and our Facebook page for payment by credit card and PayPal.
How are finances controlled by NCA-NW?
NCA-NW is a volunteer organization, including the Director of operations. The Board of Directors elected a treasurer that accounts to the board for the start-up funds donated by WaPac District Advisory Board. This annual budget projection is minimal ($11,200) and is available on request. With more funds, there would be more program possibilities, hence, donations are welcome to expand the activities of NCA-NW.
What are the activities of NCA-NW?
The C.O.R.R.E. activities are listed below. During 2015, NCA-NW intends to be active on all five fronts. These are i. Connecting programs of compassionate ministry to each other ii. Organizing trainings and educational events iii.Raising awareness of volunteer opportunities iv.Researching fundraising possibilities v. Establishing partnerships for greater response
What do you call other organizations that we work with?
NCA-NW encourages engagement with "Community Resources" at local, state and other levels. These may be governmental or non-governmental agencies and institutions, religious or secular organizations, that have similar goals and missions but dissimilar values than NCA-NW.
Does NCA-NW need volunteers?
YES, of course! Write to us at info@ncanorthwest.org.
Can NCA-NW receive donations other than money?
Yes we can! Other donations will be an ever-increasing need as the network grows. Right now Caring Hands ministry at Normandy Park needs two items: 1. flat bedsheets -- queen-sized or larger -- for the that makes quilted bedrolls to give to the homeless of Seattle through Union Gospel Mission 2. 10' x 10' plastic tarps to put on the ground, under the bedrolls..